Wembley Arena singing Happy Birthday to Leigh (Big Gig 2014)

Let the birthday celebrations continue… 🍸🍸

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I hope you have an amazing day, Leigh. You’re an inspiration to myself and millions of others around the world! Can’t believe how far you’ve come in the music industry, I’m so proud of you and the girls. I hope you’re gonna party all day and all night, babe. Love you lots xoxo

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Happy 23rd Birthday, Leigh-Anne Pinnock! Thanks for being an inspiration to so many young girls all over the world, and for sharing your amazing talent with us. A lot of us love you dearly, and you’ve become an important part of all our lives. We love you and hope you have the best 23rd Birthday in the whole wild world!


"… we’re always gonna have each other mo matter what happened."

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why do I still read youtube comments like have I not learned anything

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I love my skin!

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