ok but like….genderbent little mix…we should talk about this more…

(percy, lee, jaden, and jesse??? ur choice man)

Kelly said "We truly feel that the four of you can bring something very special to this competition", she was right but she made a little mistake: Little Mix can bring something very special to this world! Happy 3 years our inspirations <3

Leigh-Anne ♥‿♥

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I find it ridiculous that even now girl groups or girl artist are never taken as seriously as men. In the music industry men can have mediocre voices but if they have a nice face and a pair of abs than their golden whilst girls have to work their butts off and prove themselves time and time again just to be overshadowed by men who’s talent and dedication doesn’t matches up to theirs. It’s infuriating.

the saturdays + videography

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jesymix14 Sooo defo didn’t get the memo about the colour scheme……cheers girls :| #randomontheend #gothgirl #lonerlarry

August 14th - Arriving at Haneda Airport in Japan